People of Note: Nicole Elizabeth, Founder, Owner, and Greeting Card Maker, Sent-Well

Ever since childhood, greeting cards have occupied a special place in Nicole Elizabeth’s world, and in 2011, her innovative vision of how handwritten cards could connect people in new ways manifested into her successful online business, Sent-Well.  Unlike most other greeting card companies that simply sell pre-made cards for customers to fill out and post,Continue reading “People of Note: Nicole Elizabeth, Founder, Owner, and Greeting Card Maker, Sent-Well”

People of Note: Jennifer McGillan, Archivist

Photo by Megan Bean, courtesy of Mississippi State University, February 2020 For Jennifer McGillan, letters are far more than a pleasant surprise in the mail.  For close to two decades, they’ve also helped to advance her career as well as the fields it intersects, including library science, law, medicine, and history.  Equipped with a Bachelor’sContinue reading “People of Note: Jennifer McGillan, Archivist”

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