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TEMPORAL TREASURES celebrates and promotes efforts and materials to write letters, cards, and notes, aiming to build interpersonal connections, emotional well-being, creative expression, and communication skills.

A heartfelt message to a friend, family member, romantic partner, colleague, service provider, or acquaintance is sometimes the most precious gift we can give at a pivotal moment in time, yet costs relatively little.

TEMPORAL TREASURES is designed to provide:

  • Writing tips for a variety of occasions and circumstances
  • Inspirational prompts for corresponding, including #StationerySundays
  • Curated galleries of and resources from stationery designers and products
  • Innovative tools and techniques for corresponding electronically
  • Exclusive interviews with special guests

To learn more, read on!

Greetings from the Digital Frontier: A.I. Art in Card Design

Since we’re technically still in the month of January, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and healthy 2023! This blog has been on a long hiatus due to time constraints — in part from having moved a year ago — but I hope to resume posting here at least intermittently. This…

Coming Soon: InCoWriMo!

Each November, aspiring fiction authors plunge into an intensive month-long novel-writing sprint known as National Novel Writing Month — aka NaNoWriMo. But for those who are more inclined to write letters and cards than novels, there’s InCoWriMo — or International Correspondence Writing Month — every February. First introduced in 2013, this initiative bills itself as…

#StationerySundays (1/3/21) – Building Stronger Ties in 2021

Illustration © Madame Treacle One of the many lessons of 2020 was that finding safe ways to meaningfully connect with others is more important than ever for our mental health, both individually and as a society. While videoconferencing platforms have been popular choices for doing so, people have also been turning to good old-fashioned snail-mail.…

#StationerySundays (11/8/20) – A Perfect Time to Give Thanks

Most of us have never been presented with a holiday season like this one in our lifetimes. At a moment when we especially long to come together with those we love, that’s far less feasible to do given safety, travel, and financial concerns. This year, there is an exceptionally large number of families with members…

#StationerySundays (10/25/20) – Stamping Out Winter Dread

As Game of Thrones fans have heard many times, Winter Is Coming. In October, with days getting shorter and temperatures getting cooler, some people who suffer annually from Seasonal Affective Disorder are already starting to feel their symptoms kick in. A few parts of the U.S. have already gotten heavy snow, and it’s not even…

#StationerySundays (10/18/20) – Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards

Illustration © JacquieLawson.com While the production of greeting cards ranks relatively low among current threats to nature, the paper, plastics, inks, manufacturing, and printing it typically involves do have an environmental footprint via the harvesting of trees and the toxic byproducts generated from the creation of inks and dyes and from the manufacturing, printing, and…

#StationerySundays (10/4/20) – 5 Ways to Help Your Mail Carrier

As discussed in my August 16th post (not to mention countless news outlets, of course), the U.S. Post Office is struggling mightily at the moment. As the organization grapples with an array of woes, legions of essential workers are processing and delivering our mail every day in the midst of a global pandemic while so…


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