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TEMPORAL TREASURES celebrates and promotes efforts and materials to write letters, cards, and notes, aiming to build interpersonal connections, emotional well-being, creative expression, and communication skills.

A heartfelt message to a friend, family member, romantic partner, colleague, service provider, or acquaintance is sometimes the most precious gift we can give at a pivotal moment in time, yet costs relatively little.

TEMPORAL TREASURES is designed to provide:

  • Writing tips for a variety of occasions and circumstances
  • Inspirational prompts for corresponding, including #StationerySundays
  • Curated galleries of and resources from stationery designers and products
  • Innovative tools and techniques for corresponding electronically
  • Exclusive interviews with special guests

To learn more, read on!

2020 Card Industry Webinar Answers 5 Timely Questions

Attending my first National Stationery Show at New York City’s iconic Javits Center as part of Sent-Well‘s crew in 2018 opened a door for me to the vast — and welcoming — community of stationery makers, suppliers, and retailers. From industry superstars like Papyrus to one-person indie startups, a huge range of talents, styles, andContinue reading “2020 Card Industry Webinar Answers 5 Timely Questions”

#StationerySundays (8/2/20) – Older and Wiser

When we hear about elderly people, it’s far too often in the context of frailty: health conditions (especially high susceptibility to COVID-19 these days), declining cognitive functions, chronic pain, and/or loneliness. Less emphasized yet also prevalent among older individuals — sometimes to a much greater extent than in the young — are vast reserves ofContinue reading “#StationerySundays (8/2/20) – Older and Wiser”

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