#StationerySundays (8/9/20) – In Praise of Drawing a Blank

Sometimes a search for the right birthday card — or anniversary, wedding, congratulations, or sympathy card — leaves me downright frustrated. I scour the shelves, and nothing seems quite suitable for the person I have in mind. Everything on offer that’s occasion-specific is to neither the recipient’s taste nor mine. What’s a card sender to do?

Blank cards to the rescue!

I can’t tell you how many times a blank card has salvaged an otherwise fruitless search, and has been EXACTLY the right thing to send at just the right time.

Excluding the holidays, my highest level of card activity peaks in August each year because so many of my friends’ birthdays fall during that month. And yet, with only one exception, I couldn’t find any birthday cards that were even remotely appropriate for any of these friends.

Thankfully, my local pharmacy is well stocked on blank cards from Bug Art, one of my all-time favorite designers. Given that the company is based overseas in the U.K., it’s a boon for me that they do business here in the U.S., because there are times when no other cards will do. The ones pictured above will be making their merry way into the world this week.

"Decorative Elephant" gold foil card from Bug Art
“Decorative Elephant” gold foil card from Bug Art

I will confess that aside from the Bug Art cards I send, I have my own private reserve of Bug Art cards that will probably never leave my home if I can possibly help it (unless I find identical copies elsewhere) because they’re simply too awesome to part with. A perfect example is the “Decorative Elephant” card from Bug Art’s stunning Jewels line featuring cards embossed with two foils set against a black background and accompanied by a gold envelope. Not only is it a knockout piece of art in its own right, but it also holds special meaning for me as an animal advocate who is passionate about elephant conservation.

Some people are reluctant to send blank cards because they lack professionally lettered wording that captures the specific occasion being observed, potentially running the risk of seeming less personal. But I would argue that the opposite is true. Choosing a piece whose design perfectly fits the recipient — and filling the inside with your own thoughts and wording entirely rather than anything from a factory — can make it even more personal.

So go ahead — today, take the opportunity to send a blank card, especially since it’s often the easiest to find and adapt for any purpose. Even if no specific occasion comes to mind, just writing a warm hello to someone special and letting them know they’re on your mind and in your heart can be the best occasion of all.

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2 thoughts on “#StationerySundays (8/9/20) – In Praise of Drawing a Blank

  1. This is a good reminder to use more blank cards. One time, I had forgotten to go looking for a card in time for my friend’s baby shower. As a last gasp, I grabbed something from a stack of “cards” (I don’t know how else to describe it but they were much flimsier than regular cards) that looked handmade with pieces of leaves and such. It didn’t look professional and was completely blank but I wrote a nice note to the couple, and for whatever reason, my friend’s husband was so touched by the card.

    That elephant card is cool!

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  2. I would have loved to see the handmade card that included pieces of leaves…that sounds so intriguing and unique! And considering the authenticity and skillfulness of your writing, I’m not at all surprised that the card was so well received.


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