#StationerySundays (9/20/20) – Celebrating “Thinking of You” Week

Thinking of You Week poster

When I attended the U.S. Greeting Card Association (GCA) webinar described in my August 7th post, I learned about “Thinking of You” Week, which began in the U.K. in 2014 and reached U.S. shores in 2018 with the GCA’s sponsorship. Observed annually toward the end of September, it takes on special significance this year (September 21-27, Monday-Sunday) as students, educators, and parents enter a school year rife with uncertainty. “Thinking of You” Week encourages the sending of cards “just because” to people who may not expect them. (A comprehensive toolkit is available to assist greeting card publishers and retailers with promoting their offerings in conjunction with this initiative.)

It could be argued that nearly all my prior blog posts have been building up to this particular celebration. There are innumerable reasons to reach out to someone you know right now with a kind thought, from offering support in the wake of pandemic-related fallout in someone’s life to conveying gratitude or seeking reconciliation to (re)connecting with an elderly person to encouraging students, parents, and educators facing a difficult academic year to expressing well wishes on a recent move or the arrival of a new pet and, just within the past few weeks, sending positive thoughts to people in areas hard-hit by extreme weather events and natural disasters…the list goes on. And if somehow none of these ideas resonates with you, the “Thinking of You” Week website offers an “Inspiration Wall” of writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

The choice of message formats for relaying your sentiments is wide open, too. While the official emphasis is on cards (including blank cards), you could also use materials ranging from postcards to fancy stationery sets to decorative printer paper, all of which you can optionally embellish with stickers. And of course, don’t forget to buy stamps for sending your messages.

I love “Thinking of You” Week’s manifesto: “Mail a card, deliver a smile.” Take part in this compassionate movement from the comfort and safety of your favorite chair!

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2 thoughts on “#StationerySundays (9/20/20) – Celebrating “Thinking of You” Week

  1. “Just because” cards are some of the best, and even more appreciated because they were totally unexpected!
    I thought the “Inspiration Wall” had lots of good ideas.

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