#StationerySundays (9/13/20) – Homeward Bound

New Home card from Hallmark

Around the world, “home” has been front and center in people’s consciousness over the past six months — whether as a source of comfort and safety, frustration and hardship, or some combination thereof. With most of us experiencing extended confinement, we have been forced to reckon with our immediate surroundings. In many cases, people have come to realize that the place they call home isn’t what it should or could be, and have made modifications accordingly. Some have ended up changing their base of operations entirely, either by their own choice or involuntarily due to a severe financial loss or an environmental disaster. For one reason or another, many of us are moving these days.

New Home Card from Hallmark
New Home card from Hallmark

As I mentioned in my first post, there are at least a few good things happening in 2020, including people moving to places that better suit their needs. Tomorrow, one of my longtime New York friends and her family are officially leaving the urban grind behind and moving to their new house in the Hudson Valley as first-time homeowners. Her husband recently changed jobs, working remotely for a tech company in California. She has been coordinating the schooling of both their young kids and, as a karate instructor, has also been teaching video classes. Their cozy little apartment in Queens just couldn’t do quadruple duty as a home office, school, and martial arts studio, in addition to being a living space. This will be a major upgrade for all of them, and I’m thrilled. She’ll be receiving the Hallmark card above.

“Lucky Dog” congratulations card from Hallmark

Not surprisingly given the scale of its operations, Hallmark is well stocked on “New Home” cards…but I was delighted to discover another genre of cards I never knew existed: “New Pet” cards! I consider these a subspecies of “New Home” cards because companion animals, too, have been moving to new homes in droves, experiencing a major life transition as they enjoy historically high adoption rates. And for so many people whose daily existence has been largely restricted to their dwellings, pets have been a game-changer, bringing love, cheer, and activity to living spaces that would be much emptier without them, and providing the missing piece of what “home” should feel like. Hallmark’s “Lucky Dog” card (left) bears a “Welcome Home” message that could be equally applicable to the dog and his/her owner.

Do you know anyone who has moved to a new home recently? Has someone in your circle recently adopted a pet? This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in either case! Consider sending a card to relay your congratulations and good wishes. A milestone of this kind provides a great reason to celebrate during an otherwise grim time, and to share in the joy and excitement of people you care about.

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3 thoughts on “#StationerySundays (9/13/20) – Homeward Bound

  1. Oooh I had no idea about “new pet” cards, and will definitely have to keep that in mind next time I know someone who gets a new pet.

    I can’t think of anyone I know who’s moved for covid-related reasons, but a few have moved for residency in their medical training. I will have to move by the end of next month, though nothing is sorted out yet, so hopefully will also have a new home of some sort before too long.

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  2. I love the idea of the New Pet cards. It would be pretty funny if the card companies started to make cards for specific types of dogs and cats and other pets, such as “Welcome to your new Chihuahua!”.

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